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Xroads Real Estate Advisors Launches, Expands Services Nationwide

Xroads Real Estate Advisors Launches, Expands Services Nationwide

Xroads Real Estate Advisors, a property management and brokerage group founded in 2006 by Michael Nortman, has recently launched, entering a new era for the company now led by Principal and Chief Operating Officer Kirsten Bowersox. With the addition of new partners, David Camins and Adam Mizrachi, Xroads now manages a portfolio of five million square feet of commercial real estate.

Xroads provides highly customized full-service asset management and advisory services, including property management, agency leasing, capital markets strategies, and back-office accounting services. With the strategic partnership formed by Camins, Mizrachi, Nortman, and Bowersox, the company is now able to expand its services and geographic reach on a national scale.

In addition to their existing services, Xroads will also be able to provide capital to select clients, properties, and market opportunities. They have established a separate fund led by the same team to support these investment activities.

This launch is an important milestone for Xroads Real Estate Advisors, as it will allow the firm to better serve its clients across the country. With a focus on customizability and a comprehensive range of services, Xroads aims to deliver high-quality real estate asset management and advisory services to commercial property owners and investors.

The terms used in this article are defined as follows:
– Property Management: The administration and operation of real estate properties on behalf of owners.
– Agency Leasing: The process of marketing and leasing commercial properties on behalf of property owners.
– Capital Markets Strategies: Investment strategies focused on buying, selling, and trading financial assets, including real estate, to generate returns for investors.
– Back-Office Accounting Services: The financial management and record-keeping processes required to support the operations of a real estate firm.

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