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New Architectural Design Studio in Santa Monica: A Hub for Innovation

New Architectural Design Studio in Santa Monica: A Hub for Innovation

Western Window Systems, a prominent brand within the PGT Innovations family, recently unveiled its state-of-the-art architectural design studio in Santa Monica, California. Situated at 2866 Colorado Ave., this expansive 2,800-square-foot space serves as more than just a showroom. It is an immersive experience that aims to revolutionize the way architects, builders, developers, dealers, and interior designers perceive and interact with modern design.

Once inside the studio, visitors are captivated by the seamless operation and cutting-edge product innovations on display. Western Window Systems’ classic, performance, simulated steel, and vinyl lines take center stage, showcasing the brand’s commitment to functionality and style. Notable products featured include the highly customizable Series 3700 Vinyl Multi-Slide Door and the Series 7600 Multi-Slide Door with an exposed interior pocket.

This design studio is not solely dedicated to Western Window Systems. In the near future, it will also showcase products from Anlin Windows and Doors, further expanding the range of offerings under the PGT Innovations umbrella.

Jeff Jackson, President and CEO of PGT Innovations, expressed immense satisfaction with the new design studio, stating that it represents their unwavering commitment to customer-centric innovation in new markets and geographies. By enhancing people’s lives through advanced products and manufacturing capabilities, PGT Innovations aims to solidify its position as an industry leader.

To celebrate the opening of the design studio, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on November 16. Attendees had the opportunity to explore the space, connect with professionals in the industry, and gain a deeper understanding of the remarkable products showcased.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. ¿Cuál es el propósito del nuevo estudio de diseño arquitectónico?
El estudio de diseño arquitectónico tiene como objetivo servir como sala de exhibición, centro de innovación y experiencia inmersiva para profesionales de la industria, como arquitectos, constructores, desarrolladores, distribuidores y diseñadores de interiores.

2. ¿Qué productos pueden esperar ver los visitantes en el estudio?
El estudio exhibe una amplia gama de productos de las líneas clásica, de alto rendimiento, de acero simulado y de vinilo de Western Window Systems, incluyendo la Serie 3700 Vinyl Multi-Slide Door y la Serie 7600 Multi-Slide Door con un bolsillo interior expuesto.

3. ¿Se mostrarán otras marcas en el estudio de diseño?
Sí, el estudio pronto incluirá productos de Anlin Windows and Doors, otra marca dentro del grupo de PGT Innovations.

4. ¿Puede cualquiera visitar el estudio de diseño?
Para garantizar la mejor experiencia, el estudio de diseño está disponible únicamente mediante cita previa con un arquitecto o distribuidor.