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Tzadik Management Files Lawsuit Alleging Vengeance by Arbor Realty Trust

Tzadik Management Files Lawsuit Alleging Vengeance by Arbor Realty Trust

Miami, FL – Tzadik Management, a prominent real estate developer, has filed a lawsuit against Arbor Realty Trust, a lender and real estate investment trust, accusing an affiliate of intentionally tarnishing their reputation with Fannie Mae, the government-sponsored agency. In their complaint, Tzadik Management claims that the Arbor affiliate disseminated false information about the company’s financial stability to a Fannie Mae employee, who happened to be a former Arbor employee. Consequently, Tzadik Management was placed on Fannie Mae’s “do not use” list, significantly impacting their access to financing.

Arbor Realty Trust vehemently denies these allegations, stating that Tzadik Management has failed to provide any specific evidence of the supposed fabrications. However, this legal dispute surfaces amidst another investigation involving Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae’s sibling organization, and Meridian Capital Group, one of the largest commercial mortgage brokerages in the United States. The incident has sent shockwaves throughout the industry, bringing attention to the critical role of these government-sponsored agencies in real estate transactions.

Previously, Arbor Realty Trust had a close financing partnership with Meridian Capital Group, along with Capital One and Greystone. Yet, Tzadik Management’s allegations against Arbor Realty Trust add to the challenges the company currently faces, following a recent decline in their stock price attributed to a damaging report by Viceroy Research.

Tzadik Management claims that their relationship with Arbor Realty Trust soured when they opted to secure financing for a Houston portfolio through Greystone, a competitor of Arbor. Despite offering Arbor the opportunity to match the loan, they declined. This incident marked the beginning of what Tzadik Management characterizes as Arbor’s deliberate campaign to sabotage their investments.

Furthermore, Tzadik Management accuses Arbor Realty Trust of withholding $1.5 million in escrow funds, impeding the refinancing of their Sioux Falls portfolios. Additionally, Tzadik claims that Arbor failed to refinance their Sioux City portfolio and prevented them from assuming a loan for a Rapid City, South Dakota portfolio. Moreover, Tzadik alleges that Arbor defamed their reputation by spreading false information among Tzadik employees, damaging the credibility of founder Adam Hendry.

Arbor Realty Trust strongly denies all of these accusations, contending that Tzadik Management defaulted on payments, leading to ongoing legal proceedings and subsequent financial burdens. Although Arbor’s motion to dismiss Tzadik’s amended complaint was rejected, the company is appealing the ruling. Arbor Realty Trust and its legal representatives have refrained from commenting on the matter at this time.


Q: What is Fannie Mae?
Fannie Mae es una agencia respaldada por el gobierno que desempeña un papel significativo en la compra de préstamos inmobiliarios comerciales, lo que lo convierte en un elemento crucial para muchas transacciones inmobiliarias. (Fuente: [](

Q: ¿Qué es Freddie Mac?
Freddie Mac es una organización hermana de Fannie Mae y es una fuente importante de préstamos para la industria de viviendas multifamiliares. (Fuente: [](

Q: ¿Quién es Tzadik Management?
Tzadik Management es un desarrollador con sede en Miami que se especializa en adquisiciones de propiedades multifamiliares e inversiones inmobiliarias.

Q: ¿Qué es Arbor Realty Trust?
Arbor Realty Trust es un prestamista y un fondo de inversión inmobiliaria involucrado en financiar acuerdos de bienes raíces comerciales. Ofrecen préstamos puente, entre otros servicios. (Fuente: [](