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Ajisai Hill House: A Fusion of Nature and Architecture

Ajisai Hill House: A Fusion of Nature and Architecture

Ajisai Hill House, an architectural masterpiece designed by IDEE Architects, sits proudly on a picturesque steep mountain slope in Vietnam. Surrounded by stunning panoramic views of the valley, a golf course, and the majestic Tam Dao mountain range, this residence presents a unique set of design challenges due to its elevated location. Spanning an expansive 1000 sqm of land, Ajisai Hill House beautifully embodies the client’s vision of a nature-centric dwelling that seamlessly integrates with its natural surroundings, while providing privacy and comfort for an extended family.

To achieve this vision, the property is ingeniously divided into two distinct blocks. The elevated upper block, strategically positioned to harness natural light and ventilation, hosts the main living areas. On the other hand, the lower block comprises auxiliary functions and a garage, acting as the primary access point. Connecting these two sections is a dedicated elevator block, linked by a graceful steel bridge that guides visitors through the enchanting garden, swimming pool, and front yard.

The main house itself is a remarkable blend of steel, stone, and wood, drawing inspiration from traditional Vietnamese architecture. Symmetrical spaces and rows of columns create a harmonious and serene atmosphere. The layout, visible from above, showcases distinct blocks connected along a unified axis, seamlessly merging with the scenic natural backdrop.

This elongated design incorporates intersecting circulation spaces, flooding the interior with an abundance of natural light and establishing a profound connection with nature. Additionally, two small gardens within the structure enhance the indoor-outdoor relationship, while the expansive roofs and balconies act as buffers, facilitating cross-ventilation.

Ajisai Hill House not only offers breathtaking views, but also serves as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between architecture and nature. Nestled on a steep slope, it exemplifies the perfect fusion of form and function.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who designed Ajisai Hill House?

Ajisai Hill House was thoughtfully designed by IDEE Architects.

What is the concept behind the design of Ajisai Hill House?

The concept behind the design of Ajisai Hill House is to create a nature-centric dwelling that seamlessly merges with its surroundings, while providing privacy and comfort for an extended family.

How is the property divided?

The property is divided into upper and lower blocks, with the upper block serving as the main living spaces, and the lower block housing auxiliary functions and a garage.

How are the different levels of the residence connected?

The levels of the residence are connected by a elegantly designed steel bridge and an elevator block.

What materials were used to construct the main house?

The main house was constructed using a combination of steel, stone, and natural wood, blending traditional Vietnamese architectural elements with contemporary design.