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The Drama of a Family That Bought the Wrong House

Jose Manuel Leal and Pilar Gangoso, a couple from Valladolid, decided to buy a house to move in with their two daughters. They found an ad online for a townhouse they liked in the Los Arcos de Mojados development. After visiting the property, they agreed to purchase it for the initial price of 80,000 euros. However, nine months later, when they were about to move in, they discovered that someone had changed the locks on the house.

Upon reporting the incident, they realized that the house they had legally purchased was not the one they had bought, but the one across from it, which was in worse condition after being occupied. They are currently without their own home and paying the mortgage for a house they cannot use.

The root of the problem was a mix-up of data between the two properties, and no one noticed the mistake during the pre-purchase inspections or the notarization process. The intermediary real estate agency, the notary, the bank, and the buyers themselves failed to detect the error in the documentation.

As time goes on, the situation becomes more complicated. They have spent over 6,000 euros fixing the wrong house and still have repairs to make on the property they actually purchased. The technical valuation report estimated that they would need to invest over 43,000 euros in repairs to make the house habitable. However, the compensation offer from the bank’s real estate agency is well below that amount.

Every day that passes, this couple continues to pay the mortgage for a house they cannot enjoy and faces the uncertainty of a possible solution. Despite being victims of a surreal situation, they have maintained their financial responsibility and hope that the proposed compensation will be fair and cover all the expenses they have had to bear.

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