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Residents of Canigó Street in Badalona Face Uncertainty Following Building Collapse

Los vecinos de la calle Canigó de Badalona enfrentan incertidumbre tras el derrumbe de un edificio

Residents of Canigó Street in Badalona are still shocked and fearful after a tragic building collapse that left three people dead under the rubble. This incident not only affected residents of the 5-story building at number 9, but also citizens of neighboring buildings, as the collapse has caused cracks in some of them.

David, one of the neighbors, has a terrifying story as he was not in his apartment at the time of the collapse, unlike his in-laws. They heard a huge explosion and when they came out of their house, they were met with a devastating scene. Although they initially thought it was nothing serious, they soon realized the magnitude of the disaster.

As a precautionary measure, firefighters evacuated neighboring buildings, and once inspected, residents were able to return to their homes. However, David discovered a crack in his living room as a result of the collapse. Although firefighters assured him that the crack does not pose an immediate danger, the family still feels distressed after what happened and is awaiting a more detailed inspection.

Another resident, Felix, narrowly escaped the collapse as he was in a different room at the time of the incident. Although he was paralyzed by the shock, he managed to rescue other residents and alert neighbors about the situation. Felix describes the interior of the building as “destroyed and filled with dust.”

The municipality of Badalona is providing support to the affected families and plans to approve an emergency decree to assess the magnitude of the tragedy and take necessary measures. While it is still unknown if urgent housing actions will be required, the mayor is concerned about the possibility of other nearby buildings presenting similar risks due to their construction.

The community of Canigó Street continues to face uncertainty, and it is hoped that authorities will make the appropriate decisions to ensure the safety of all citizens.

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