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Real Estate Investments in Ferrolterra: Opportunities for Renovation

Inversiones inmobiliarias en Ferrolterra: Oportunidades para reformar

In the Ferrolterra region, several houses and apartments can be found for sale at very affordable prices, although they require a complete renovation. With the possibility of acquiring properties for 20,000 euros or even less, investing in these homes can result in significant savings in a constantly growing real estate market.

One of the available options is located in Moeche, where two friends acquired a house over a decade ago for only 16,000 euros. Despite its architectural beauty, the property has been abandoned and is covered in vegetation, making it difficult to sell. However, its dimensions and characteristics make it a great opportunity for those willing to invest in its rehabilitation.

In the town of Cedeira, Laura and her brother are selling an inherited house located in the old town. Although it needs a complete renovation, its prime location and the possibility of converting it into three independent apartments make it an attractive option for investors interested in the tourism sector.

In the central neighborhoods of Ferrol and Narón, opportunities are also available. For example, two apartments located in the Esteiro neighborhood are for sale for 15,000 euros each, with the possibility of renovating them as individual apartments or as a larger apartment. In the A Magdalena neighborhood, there are two independent properties that could be converted into a duplex, with a sale price of 20,000 euros.

In addition, in the A Gándara neighborhood in Narón, there is an opportunity to complete the construction of a 100 square meter apartment for only 19,000 euros.

These options represent an opportunity for investors and individuals interested in acquiring affordable homes in the Ferrolterra region. Although they require additional investment in renovations, the potential to transform these properties into homes or tourist opportunities is an incentive for those willing to embark on a rehabilitation project. Don’t miss the opportunity to invest in a house with great potential at an incredibly low price!

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