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A Cutting-Edge and Extraordinary Home in Madrid

Una vivienda vanguardista y extraordinaria en Madrid

The Casa Hemeroscopium prefabricated house in Madrid has caught the attention of the British BBC due to its innovative design and quick assembly. This 400 m2 home has been considered one of the most extraordinary houses in the world. Built with concrete, steel, and glass, Casa Hemeroscopium ensures good thermal insulation.

The most remarkable feature of this modular house is its rooftop pool, which surpasses the physical boundaries of the structure. This surprising design has impressed the British public and has been featured in the documentary “The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes.”

The architect responsible for this incredible residence is Antón García-Abril, co-founder of the architectural firm Ensamble Studio. Casa Hemeroscopium is located in Las Rozas, Madrid, and serves as García-Abril’s home.

While international media often tend to criticize events in Spain, in this case, the attention has been positive. The BBC highlights the originality and speed of construction of this prefabricated house, made possible by the assembly of seven pieces in just seven days.

This home demonstrates that avant-garde architecture can be practical and efficient. The combination of materials such as concrete, steel, and glass gives it a modern and elegant appearance. Casa Hemeroscopium is proof that it is possible to create extraordinary and functional homes at the same time.

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